PAK FU TIN - 5 out of 5

Pak Fu Tin is your best bet for a relaxing short excursion due to its accessibility and quiet location.  There are no on site facilities other than dry toilet, fire pits, and tent areas, but your only 2.7km away from Mui Wo in a pinch.

Kid friendly, wild enough to fulfill your nature wanderlust, but enough structure that you don't have to carve your shelter out of the jungle.


NAM FUNG WAN - 5 out of 5

Nam Fung Wan rivals Pak Fu Tin for the top slot on the list of easy access, great environment sites.  This one has all teh charms of its top rival with the added benefit of proximity to the ocean.

This ones family friendly and presents several options for the approach including a very close car drop off.


SUNSET PEAK - 4 out of 5

Sunset Peak is a one of a kind site for hardcore Hong Kong adventurers looking for a tough hike and the most amazing views the SAR has to offer.

This site is not kid friendly but despite this and a few other small draw backs its more than worth the trip to see this truly unique location.