Living in Hong Kong as a self professed "Outdoorsman" in a typical corporate job, I always loved the idea that all I needed to do to reconnect with nature was to take a long hike, or pitch up to one of the many campsites the city has to offer.  But like so many in my situation for one reason or another I never seemed to be able to get out of the city.  Finally after a relatively unsatisfying stretch at work I made the decision to gather up some gear and finally get out there for a solo camping trip.  

Following several weeks of picking up supplies in Hong Kong and on a trip to the US I was ready for my adventure and decided to do a little research to try and find the perfect campsite to help me refresh and recharge.  I found fantastic information on the AFCD government website providing basic details of each site, but that was where the information stopped.  The few english reviews I could find were not hugely helpful in getting me to a decision on where to start, so I took a gamble and tried a site at random.  What followed was a series of excursions to several sites in an effort to find an ideal location.  

Through those trips and with recognition of the lack of helpful information on the web I decided to start this site to help others tempted by the outdoors bug get good detailed advice.

All information on this site will be from first had exploration of different campsites with the end goal of getting to each of Hong Kong's 41 official sites and providing a review for each. I'll do my best to be accurate and well researched with all of the content provided, but please remember everything you read is my informed opinion and that ultimately you'll need to make your own decisions each time you venture out.  

I look forward to feedback, and with luck, through this website, seeing more people out on the trails!