• Peaceful
  • Clean
  • Family Friendly
  • Easy to Access

Nam Fung Wan (a.k.a. Yuen Ng Fan) ranks right at the top of all sites due to its easy to access location, relatively remote feel, trash free environment and combination jungle/coast setting.  With that said, the 5 out of 5 experience depends a little bit on securing the East most site, which is located at the bottom of the downward sloping campground.  This site gives you jungle enclosure with the sounds of the sea lapping at the rocks below with just enough shade to keep the sun off but the stars visible.  Go alone or take the whole family, this ones a winner!



  • Campsite Environment: Nam Fung Wan's best site is by far one of the most pleasant places to spend an evening outdoors in Hong Kong with its closed in jungle feel and calm ocean sounds.
  • The Approach: If you choose to hike in instead of getting dropped off on Man Yee Road you'll be in for a very pleasant walk suitable for anyone including young kids.
  • Seclusion: Despite the proximity to some roads and other establishments, Nam Fung Wan feels pretty secluded due to its jungle setting.
  • Fire Making: Enough deadfall to make small evening fires.


  • Trash Bunker: It's an eyesore and I would prefer it was located outside the campground or at least behind a jungle blind.


  • Take the Hike: The Sheung Yiu Country Trail is the best approach to the site and offers a pretty tree lined hike with just enough exercise to make you feel good about your decision.  Without or without kids this is definitely the way to go.
  • Pick the Bottom Site: The site at the bottom/end of the campground is by far the best option and is a big factor in the 5 out of 5 rating.  If its not available the next site up the path is your best bet.  If you have to stay at one of the first two sites it may be a more mundane experience.
  • Feel Free to Gear Up: Whether hiking in or getting dropped on Man Yee Road you should be able to lug in quite a few supplies if you are brining kids or looking to set up shop for a few days.  


In addition to my STANDARD SOLO CAMPER GEAR LIST the world is your oyster when it comes to Nam Fung Wan given the sites proximity to an access road.  Some things to consider in specific are:

  • Camp chair for back support
  • Cooler with fresh food and cold drinks if you plan on taking the shorter approach to camp
  • Water just incase the stream is dry or not flowing

NOTE ON TENTS: Hong Kong is subtropical which means there are lots of creepy crawlies at night and a constant possibility of heavy down pour which is why I recommend the full tent with rain fly and inner mesh.  You can try a tarp if you really want to but spray for mozzys before bed and don't be surprised to wake up several times a night to brush off bugs, mice and or rats even in the winter months (hammocks might be a little better but not fool proof for bugs or some snakes if not fully enclosed).  Last point, Hong Kong is also home to many species of venomous insects and snakes and though I think it would be a very unlucky scenario to encounter one in your sleep, a fully enclosed tent removes the risk almost entirely if you keep entrances zipped. I highly recommend a fully enclosed tent regardless of your level of experience outdoors.


  • Number of Tent Sites: 5
  • Site Facilities: BBQ Pits/Fire Pits, Trash Bins
  • Campground Facilities: Portable Toilet
  • Fire: Deadfall to use for small camp fires in cooler months
  • Beach: Rocky beach accessible via a steep rope railing behind the eastern most site
  • Fresh Water: Fresh water stream just before the campground, could be mostly dry during certain seasons
  • Nearby Resources: Man Yee Road is only .5km away and its 3-4km to the Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre and Snack Stand

SUMMARY REVIEW: Nam Fung Wan is an easy to access, secluded feeling site that incorporates the best of jungle and coast. You can access the campground via a pleasant 3.7km hike on Sheung Yiu Country Trail or a very short .5km walk in from Man Yee Road.  Its possible to lug in lots of supplies via either route if you are in good shape as the longer path is not very strenuous, but of course the .5km access makes for a very convenient approach if you plan on brining a ton of gear and or little ones that are more interested in life at camp than a nature walk.  With that said I highly recommend the Sheung Yiu Country Trail approach and think its one of the nicer short hikes in Sai Kung.  Elevation maxes out at just under 100m with a relatively gradual incline and most of the walk is tree lined which is nice on hotter days. Traveling this way you'll also pass Po Kwu Wan Campsite which is a small trailside location that's not a bad option if you like to try new spots, though Nam Fung Wan is definitely a superior environment. Once you arrive you'll have a short hike down hill to the campground passing the potable water source along the way.  I visited in the dry season and there was still slow flowing water, though I imagine in extremely dry conditions the flow could die down further making it difficult to obtain usable drinking water so be aware of weather conditions before heading out with a dependance on this water source.  There are 5 tent sites with one dry toilet offset enough to not cause any problems at the sites but close enough to be usable in an emergency.  Each site has trash cans and fire pits with stone seating and not much else in terms of built in resources, though this kind of adds to the more minimalist feel of the site and keeps it feeling a bit more jungle-like.  There is a large concrete trash bunker next to one of the sites at the front of the camp ground, so if you get stuck there your experience may not feel like a 5 out of 5.  With that in mind, the real strength of Nam Fung Wan is the eastern-most or lowest site down.  This little gem is perfectly closed in by enough trees to protect from strong winds and bright sunshine, but open enough to see the stars at night. Its also only 5-10m above the shoreline so you can hear waves rolling in below, and if you are so inclined climb down a steep rope railing to the rocky beach below.  There is ample dead wood around for small fires and little to no trash to speak of.  You'll need to bring in all your own food and supplies, but given the easy to access location this shouldn't be a problem.  This is a great site for anyone looking for a cool, relaxing jungle setting for one or several nights and should rank high on your priority list if you plan on getting out for a camp anytime soon.



The best way to get to Nam Fung Wan is to either Uber/Cab it to Sai Kung Country Park Visitor center then either hike out via the Sheung Yiu Country Trail or take a local taxi on Man Yee Road and get dropped off .5km from the campground near the Hong Kong Adventure Corps building.

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